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Employee Profiles Billie Kemp

We have a fantastic team of passionate individuals who work on our Refugee Employability Programme (REP), and this is just a section to celebrate them! Tune into our Employee Profiles here and find out more about our amazing team members. Find out more about Billie, our Partnership and Integration Manager, here...

What is your role within REP?

My role within REP is to build relationships with key stakeholders to drive referrals and enhance our existing service delivery offer. You can usually find me either attending a local Jobcentre or building spreadsheets to assess our referral partners. My day-to-day activities can be quite varied, and I get to travel around regularly!

Why did you choose to be part of the REP team?

I strive to embed the GC value “Make a Difference” and I felt that REP really represents that at its core.

What is your favourite part about working on the REP programme?

Working with a diverse workforce with many different cultures – it’s great to see such a range of skilled and experienced individuals coming together.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, you can find me either playing boardgames with my partner or cuddling my two cats!