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We have a fantastic team of passionate individuals who work on our Refugee Employability Programme (REP), and this is just a section to celebrate them! Tune into our Employee Profiles here and find out more about our amazing team members. First up, it's Kate to tell us more about herself...

What is your role within REP?

My role is to manage a team of Employment Advisors across South Yorkshire who work closely with our clients and help them to find meaningful and lasting employment. I ensure I have monthly meetings with my team to answer any queries they may have and encourage them to meet their KPIs. I also do some front-line work myself due to my previous experience working with Refugees, sign-posting our clients in the right direction, along with managing processes within the programme and promoting it to other relevant contracts and charities.

Why did you choose to be part of the REP team?

Before joining the Growth Company and REP, I worked with refugees at the Northern Refuge Centre. I also previously worked on a contract called New Beginnings, where I managed the employment area by helping refugees into work and Asylum Seekers to get work ready. I then transitioned over to the Growth Company in 2015, and recently got the opportunity to work on REP. I have always had an interest with working with refugees and of course when we won the bid to deliver the REP programme I was keen to get on it!

What is your favourite part about working on REP?

I enjoy being part of a very supportive team, we all work incredibly well together and always help each other out - we're like one big family! I also enjoy getting to know people I work with better and learning about their experiences, whether that be my team or clients. Furthermore, I have the opportunity to reconnect with previous workplaces and colleagues through the programme, which is great.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I am a keen DIY enthusiast, I am currently having an extension done on my house and enjoy getting involved with all the refurbishments that come with this, such as assembling draws and planning out interior decoration. I can't wait until my extension is complete so I can go back to doing another one of my hobbies, hosting! I enjoy hosting and having friends round for good food and drinks.