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Supporting Migrants and Refugees across the UK

  • Tuesday, January 30, 2024
  • Posted By Refugee Employability Programme
REP Supporting Migrants And Refugees Across The UK

The Refugee Employability Programme recognises the important contributions that migrants bring, along with the challenges that they often face and must overcome. Did you know that in 2020, over 281 million people were international migrants, while of 59 million people were internally displaced by the end of 2021.

Unfortunately, migrants and displaced people represent the most vulnerable groups in society and are often exposed to abuse and exploitation. They often also receive limited access to services such as health care and can be the victims of hate crime, due to stigma and misinformation. Moreover, they are also often in temporary or unprotected jobs, which puts them at risk of job insecurities, layoffs, and poor working conditions.

Migrants have proven to be a source of prosperity, innovation, and development for countries across the world. Their knowledge and skills have played a part in the development of many different communities.

So how can you help refugees and migrants?

·       Provide employment opportunities

To help provide refugees and migrants with work, organisations can provide opportunities for migrants and people with ‘humanitarian protection status’. Humanitarian Protection Status means that the individual has the same right to work as someone born in the UK. Migrants and refugees bring a wide set of skills and talents to the workplace, that can positively impact your organisation.

·       Raise Awareness

It’s important to raise awareness, where possible, of situations surrounding migrants and refugees along with the challenges they may face. Raising awareness could be something as small as talking to someone about a refugee or migrant related topic, or as large as collecting items to donate to migrant and refugee charities.

·       Employ a level of understanding

If you have hired a migrant or refugee, it is critical that you gather a thorough understanding of their individual circumstances. Cultural and communication barriers may still exist even for the most well-settled migrants. Therefore, by creating an inclusive environment, you will help people to thrive and feel at ease.

·       Donate goods and services

If you have any goods that you no longer need/ use, you can donate them to a local migrant or refugee charity. Although they may no longer mean a lot to you, they could mean the world to someone who has migrated to the UK, with nothing. Here’s an article on Refugee Action’s website, which explains in more detail how you can help refugees: Here's how you can help refugees - Refugee Action (

Our programme offers support to migrants and refugees, helping them to find meaningful employment and settle into life across Yorkshire and the Humber. We take referrals from organisations who work with refugees and migrants, and the individual themselves. You can find out more on our website and refer here.