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Phone: 0800 368 0990

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Additional Information Required for Eligibility

Why we need this information – to access the REP programme you must be a resident Yorkshire and Humber.

Why we need this information – this will help us to provide interpretation and translations support, if required.

Why we need this information – to access the REP you must be eligible for the programme. One of the key requirements is based on the scheme you are currently on. The programme provides support for refugees who arrive via safe and legal routes, including those who are legally recognised as refugees and those who have been granted protection in the UK.

We will provide support to refugees who are granted Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or Leave to Remain (LTR) with a pathway to settlement, meaning you are seeking to build your life in England.

You will be required to provide documentation to support your eligibility.

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UK Resettlement Scheme
Afghan Citizens' Resettlement Scheme
Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy
Refugee Permission to Stay after 28th June 2022
Community Sponsorship Scheme
Mandate Resettlement Scheme
Refugee Family Reunion